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Motor Wheel Lofts or
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Motor Wheel Lofts

H Inc announces the Motor Wheel Lofts. These Lofts are opening in the summer of 2006 and are in the old Motor Wheel factory building. The Lofts are extremely close to downtown.


Motor Wheel Lofts

Motor Wheel Lofts has some of the newest items that will not only help save you money, but help save the enviornment by using energy star rated appliances.

Here at H Inc. we strive to improve the quality of downtown living and land use through adaptive reuse and rehabilitation of historic architecture for practical, contemporary functions, while incorporating intelligent, inspiring, innovative design and sustainability.

We offer many different residential options. All of which have top of the line ammenities.

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We offer many different commercial options. All of which are close to downtown Lansing.

H Inc.’s experience with adaptive reuse of historic buildings began in 1989 in downtown Lansing. H Inc. has rehabbed over 500,000 square feet of space in downtown Lansing. We have a 100% success rate for satisfying the requirements of municipal initiatives and programs geared toward improving Lansing’s urban spaces. Our residential tenants enjoy the convenience and design of our lofts. Commercial tenants include Government and Fortune 500 companies like Lansing’s North Precinct Police Dept., Lockheed Martin, Capital Consultants and Clark Hill, one of the top law firms in the Midwest. We continue to reinvest in historic urban structures, preserving and encouraging cultural growth.